The life of Adam Hughes* assimilated by the internet

*Not the comic book artist unfortunately

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A new start

14th July 2013

My goddamn life

Hello to whoever is reading.

You may have noticed that this site has just undergone a small transformation. Actually, maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you what has changed anyway.

For a few years now I’ve been half heartedly running lostmybrain.co.uk as my portfolio site as well as hexl.co.uk¬†as my freelance web design site. As you can imagine it was all a bit pointless, all my work that I wanted to be showing was on Hexl and lostmybrain.co.uk was just a site I’d had as a portfolio since uni but now had no purpose.

Well I’ve decided to change lostmybrain.co.uk into a blog. I’ll still post my work on here but only in a way to show off and make me feel good. It’ll be mainly used for me to rant, discuss and generally annoy people who have the time to read it.

What brought on this change I hear you say?

Wil Wheaton did. I’ll explain more when it’s not the middle of the night as I’m tired and have to take kittens to the vets at 9am. Gutted for them.

Bye for now internet.